Please have the following prepared when you come in :

  1. Hunting or Fishing License or other paper work, outside U.S customs.
  2. (No Prepay shipping cost) before mount is finished, Shipping will be collected at time of completion only!
  3. A 75% deposit no work will begin without a deposit. All small mounts, tanning and reproductions must be paid in full at drop off. All deposits are non-refundable.
  4. An idea on what you would like turn,direction,surrounding habitat. We have plenty of examples on display in our show room. Base will be additional price.
  5.  All mounts will be priced off our up to date price-list on a permanent basis. We are a full time studio we do have overhead costs. No discounts on multiple mounts.
  6. All waterfowl and geese must have hunters name, address, phone, location and  tag on the leg once dropped off this is standards from U.S fish and wildlife or accompanied by permit.
  7. EVERYTHING must be accompanied by a tag or permit that’s  brought to us , unless there are not any tagging requirements in your home state, but you must be able to prove its original state and legal harvesting this is specs from IL D.N.R.
  8. WE will not allow any (Finished Mount to Leave) until full payment has been received , do not send anyone to pick up a mount if it has not been paid in full. Full payment will be required at the time it is finished no exceptions!



  1.  (No Prepay Shipping) before mount is finished, shipping will be collected at time of mount completion Only.
  2. We ship via UPS or FEDEX ,SPEEDE, we do ship by freight also.
  3. Shipping prices vary just by the size of the crate but we do our best to save you money on this.
  4. We can also arrange your shipment back into the U.S by using our importers and exporters from New Zealand or Africa and from there it goes straight to the tannery to save you money on shipping to and from.
  5. Please give us a call for any questions regarding shipping concerns

We accept credit card, money order, cash, No third party checks, or any other form of payment will be allowed. All work is done at the clients own risk we will not be responsible for personal neglect before and after mounting. Deposit is non-refundable.