Field Care

If you can not get your animal, bird , fish to a taxidermist within a limited time please do the following.

Fish:  Step 1: Do not wrap in newspaper that will dry the fish out. Step 2: Get a old towel and wet it down then place the fish in it. Step 3: Wrap it up and place in bag and put into the freezer.

Bird: Step 1: Place the head under the wing and wrap in newspaper. Step 2: Place in plastic bag. Step 3: Put into the freezer this will allow it not to freezer burn.

Turkey: Step 1: After the bird is shot do not step on the bird this will strip the bird clean of feathers. Step 2: Things needed garbage bag, zip lock, rubber-band,paper towels. Step 3: Please do not place the bird into a hunting pouch it will ruin the shape of the feathers. Step 4: Once ready to bag place the paper towel around the head, place Ziploc over the head and tie off with the rubber band. Step 5: This will allow for no blood to get all over the bird. Step 6: Then fold up the wings against the body and slide it into the garbage bag with the feet left out to carry. Step 7: You are now are ready for the taxidermist . By following these steps you will have the best bird possible for mounting.

Mammals: Step 1: After harvest keep as clean as possible. Step 2: Do not leave in direct sunlight or heat. Step 3: Do not field dress. Step 4: Simply place in a garbage bag. Step 5: Place in freezer. Step 6: Bring it to us as soon as possible

Whitetail Deer: Step 1: Field Dress and skin the species. Step 2: If it will be several hours or left over night simply cool it down with bags of ice or a walk in cooler. Step 2: Try not to drag the species any more than you have to. Step 3: When lifting into a truck or buggy try lift the deer by the rack. Step 4: Try to keep the deer from rubbing on any metal while loading to assure the best cape. Step 5: Keep the animal out of direct sunlight and heat to avoid slipping. Step 6: WE WOULD PREFER to cape it ourselves so simply bring it by and we can do it for you. Step 7: Get the species to us as soon as you can to ASSURE THE BEST CAPE POSSIBLE. BRING IT TO US BEFORE YOU LOCKER STOP!! WE CAPE FOR FREE IF WE DO THE MOUNTING.

Big Game: Step 1: Field dress and skin as soon as possible. Step 2: Turn all eyes ears and lips. Step 3: Remove all red meat and fat from the hide. Step 4: Salt the entire hide good rub it in every where you can. Step 5: Get it cool as soon as you can. Step 6: Place it in a bag and freeze it. Step 7: If there is no access to a freezer please follow the above steps. Step 8: Get it to us to assure the best hide possible.

THESE STEPS: Are simple guide lines to follow to help our clientele with the assurance of field care once your trophy has been harvested. We recommend using this to help the quality of your trophy. If you have any questions please drop us an email or give us a call thank you JP